First time dog registration to be free


First time dog registration on the Fraser Coast will be free from 1 July.

“This is a huge incentive for people to register their animals,” Councillor Paul Truscott said.

“There is still the requirement to microchip and desex, but first time registration on the Fraser Coast, no matter the age of the animal, is free.

“Registered dogs can be reunited with their owners very quickly which helps ensure that they don’t stay long in the pound and are returned home as quickly as possible if they stray.”

There are 20,324 registered dogs on the Fraser Coast.

The free first time registration is one of a number of changes to pet registration in the

Council budget, which is set to be adopted tomorrow (Tuesday, June 23).

“Animal registration concessions have been brought into line with rates concessions,” Cr Zane O’Keefe said.

“Council has moved away from the early payment discount in favour of offering everyone a standard fee for payment.

“The early payment discount was really a penalty for people who could not pay before the earlier due date.

“The new system is more equitable as everyone pays the same fees for the services.

“And, in line with rates payments, concessions will be targeted to those most in need.”

The eligibility criteria for animal registration is now the same as rates concessions and animal owners will no longer be granted the pension discount based solely on age.

The concession will apply to animal owners who hold a:

  • Queensland Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink;
  • Queensland Repatriation Health Card – For All Conditions (Gold Card), or;
  • Veterans Affairs Service Card (Gold Card)

“The changes also widen the scope of people who will gain assistance,” Cr O’Keefe said.

The registration fees goes toward operating Council’s Animal Management Team.

The Animal Management team perform a range of functions relating to animal management including dog registration, microchip checks, responses to dog attacks and animal nuisance complaints such as barking dogs and wandering animals, and pound services for lost and abandoned animals.

In the last 12 months, Council received more than 5000 animal related requests, including almost 800 complaints about barking dogs and nearly 600 reports of wandering dogs.

The Queensland Pensioner Concession Card is automatically issued to:

  • All social security pensioners - Age Pension, Disability Support Pension, Wife Pension, Widow B Pension, Bereavement Allowance, Parenting Payment (single), and Carer Payment;
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs service pensioners and war widows receiving an income support supplement;
  • Recipients of Newstart Allowance, Partner Allowance, Sickness Allowance, Widow Allowance, Special Benefit and Parenting Payment (partnered) who are aged 60 years or over and have been in continuous receipt of payment for at least 9 months;
  • Recipients of Parenting Payment (partnered) with a partial capacity to work;
  • Recipients of Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance (jobseeker) who have a partial capacity to work or who are the single principal carer of a dependent child; and
  • Participants of the Pension Loans Scheme who are qualified to receive a part-rate pension and certain Community Development Employment Project participants.

Dogs are required to be registered with Council within 14 days of keeping the dog. Council may issue penalties if the dog hasn’t been registered within the prescribed timeframes. 

Any new registrations received on or after 1st  July 20, will be granted free registration from 1 July 2020 to 31 October 2021; all existing registered dogs, will receive a 14 month registration period which will run from 1 September 20 to 31 October 2021.  Dog registration renewals will be issued in early August, with a due date on or before 31 August 2020.

It is also a requirement that any animal born after 12 December 2012, should be implanted with a PIID (microchip). 

Council also has reciprocal registration programs for any dog currently registered with another municipal; please show proof of registration and your dog will receive registration from 1 July 20 to 31 October 2021.